Travel Habits

Golden Rules Of Sensitive Travel

DO NOT LITTER. Take ALL Your Garbage Home

Keep a ‘shopping bag’ with you and put ALL your litter (including bio-degradable garbage) in it.At the end of the day, dispose of it in your guest house, or take it home

DON’T leave YOUR garbage all along the road, where you had a picnic and bath.Leave it ONLY in your garbage bag, or in YOUR pocket.

Be Respectful, Be Civilized

In a place of worship, in a forest, in a village, in an ancient place…behave with respect. A civilized person is sensitive to others in terms of noise, words, behaviour, and dress. Insensitivity is a sign of an uncivilized person

Don’t smoke or consume liquor in PUBLIC SPACES

If you cannot do without alcohol and smoking, do it privately in your guest house or room. NOT in public places. CONSUMING ALCOHOL AND SMOKING IN PUBLIC PLACES IS PUNISHABLE BY LAW.

There are Beautiful Natural and Ancient Sites in SriLanka. REMEMBER

In the Forest and Nature Reserves

At Archaeological Sites

At a Wewa or Stream