Stafford Bunglaw

Situated just 40 minutes from Nuwara Eliya, in the picturesque little village hamlet of Ragala, within the precincts of the Stafford Tea Estate, lies this beautiful heritage bungalow. Built in 1884 in the days of the British Raj by the trail blazing Scotts, the bungalow’s colonial charm has been lovingly maintained through the years, albeit with the addition of modern day amenities.


Rest and rejuvenate on the extensive front lawn, while enjoying the salubrious cool climes of the ‘Tea Country’.Take a walk along one of the many trails that wind their way through the luscious tea bushes, or just simply enjoy freshly brewed tea and scrumptious baked scones on the ‘Blue Grass’ garden.


Unapologetic romantics can feast on a sumptuous candlelit barbeque dinner beneath a canopy of stars. Relax under the twinkling glow of the night sky and wish upon a shooting star. Unwind, explore and discover the magic of a quiet getaway.

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