Panduwasnuwara is an ancient city in the Kurunegala area which functioned as the capital of Sri Lanka for a very brief period. King Parakramabahu set up his temporary capital in this city during the 12th century.

During this period, Panduwasnuwara was the city housing the sacred tooth relic which was brought back to Sri Lanka from India by King Parakramabahu. In our article on Yapahuwa, you would have read how the relic was captured from Yapahuwa by the invading Indian armies and how it was retrieved and brought back by this king.

Although Panduwasnuwara is not as spectacular a sight as the capital cities Anuradhapura or Polonnaruwa, it is still worth exploring, if one gets the opportunity. As per the legend, Panduwasnuwara was formally known as “Upathissa Pura”. When the King Panduwasdew came to the throne & made his capital there, this was renamed as Panduwasnuwara. The king Panduwasdw was a nephew of the King Wijaya & been the second king in our Rajawaliya. And he was the grand father of the King Pandukabhaya, the first Sri Lankan King. When the King Pandukabhaya won the throne, he made Anuradhapura as his capital & forgot his birth place which was not given shelter for him even for a day from his childhood. As a result Panduwasnuwara, the capital for 51 years of the country was neglected for 100 years.

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