Lagoon Paradise Beach Resort

Tangalle beach is one of the unspoilt, best-preserved beaches in Sri Lanka that offers many heart-warming surprises during your tranquil gateway from the continuous flow of hectic life style. Being in the industry for more than decade we’ve understood what a traveller, a holidayer or simply people who just want a break needs the most. The above mentioned individuals need only one thing; that is an oasis, where one can simply sit back and relax, while truly feeling, breathing, seeing and experiencing the true miracles of Mother Nature. While offering significant list of comfortable choices for your happy stay, we are also able to organize irresistible experiences such as scuba diving and snorkelling for water lovers and beach volleyball, badminton, carom etc for those of you who like to stay on the soft land. Not only that, our resort has become a central point for many attractions and significant developments around the area. We are hop step and a jump away from the Mattala International Airport and Sri Lanka’s Natural Harbour, Hambanthota Harbour where as fascinating attractions such as Mulkirigala, Weherahena Ancient Temples and famous Dikwella Blow Hole is located in the neighbourhood.

Every person who works at Lagoon Paradise has only your complete satisfaction as an aim. Each of our staff is well trained and is effective and very efficient in their service delivery. The management always is constantly vigilant of the safety of the clients and will ensure the highest quality in service, food and beverage that is served, to make your stay at Lagoon Paradise a true existence in paradise.

To arrive at Lagoon Paradise Beach Resort, firstly you will have to come to Tangalle main city. (If you are coming from Colombo or Galle) then come along the Tissa Road up to the Marakolliya junction until you reach 200th and 201st Km post. Then from the junction turn to your right hand side there is a sign board which will indicate the name of Lagoon Paradise Beach Resort, then come along the Kapuhenwala Road about. 1 Km until you reach your final destination” The Lagoon Paradise Beach Resort.

In the event if you coming from the opposite direction (Hambantota or Rathnapura) turn to your left hand side come along as described above until you reach your final destination “The Lagoon Paradise Beach Resort”..

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