• Elephant Ride

    Elephant Back Safari in Sri Lanka brings in multifaceted joys. The majestic beast, the locations in close proximity to the cultural attractions and the terrain rich with bird life all add up to bring in memorable experiences to the tourists holidaying in Sri Lanka. Elephant Back Safaris are one of the newest and most thrilling […]
  • Hot Air Ballooning

    As the multi-coloured hot-air balloon drifts silently above the forest, adventure takes on a whole new meaning. Startled by the noise of a sudden burst of gas keeping the balloon aloft, a couple of peacocks take flight directly below the balloon’s basket, their outrageously long iridescent blue and emerald tail feathers streaming behind like a […]
  • Trekking & Hiking

    Trekking is basically walking, but a little more hardcore and often involves hiking in mountainous areas, carry gear for overnight camping and covering long distances over anything from a day or two to a few weeks. For keen hikers, there are plenty of opportunities in Sri Lanka’s diverse and luscious hill country. Mountains in hill […]
  • Cycling & mountain biking

    Friendly people and beautiful sceneries make Sri Lanka a fantastic destination to explore by bicycle. The variety of scenery and cultures of the different regions with endless off-road trails among spectacular mountains populated by colourful hill villagers in Hill country add an exotic flavour that promises a memorable holiday. Riding through the rain-forests and rubber […]
  • Golf

    Although Sri Lanka is relatively unknown in the field of Golf, the country has been in contact with the game for more than 100 years. Sri Lanka has 4 beautiful Golf courses; two of which are located in Colombo, another in Kandy and the fourth is in Nuwera Eliya. Three of them are considered as […]
  • Water sports (Diving & Snorkeling, Etc)

    Sri Lanka is a great place for water sports and the waters are ideal for water skiing. Some of the bays naturally provide the rips required for surfing. Some areas in the world boast first-class diving whilst others are renowned for their sailing. But Sri Lanka is one such country which has all of these […]
  • Wildlife Safaris

    Sri Lanka’s wildlife is as varied as the island itself, ranging from elephants and leopards to egg-laying turtles and a huge variety of birds. With 12% of the country designated for wildlife protection it is easy to get a taste of Sri Lankan wildlife. Safari parks and sanctuaries, particularly in the southern and central zones, […]
  • Birds Watching

    Sri Lanka Is a small island located in Indian Ocean with a very rich diversity of eco systems. This is a remarkable country for bird watching. Especially around the bird sanctuaries and wetland reserves in the south east of the island. It has more than 435 species of birds. Out of these 235 are resident birds. Most […]
  • Rock Climbing

    Sri Lanka is a great place for a rock climbing holiday and is possible the whole year through across different parts of the country. Rock climbing is relatively a new activity to Sri Lanka and there are plenty of opportunities to discover new climbing routes. For less serious climbers, there are some exciting routes that […]