Buckingham Place

Inspired by his love of the island and a vision to create a year round sanctuary for himself, Nick Buckingham passionately inspires others to enjoy some of the best that Sri Lanka has to offer. An empty rugged beach, a sleepy village atmosphere and Rekawa’s very own bird and wildlife sanctuary combine adventure with a taste of local culture.

15 highly acclaimed suites & bedrooms benefit from south westerly views down the vast 6km long Rekawa Lagoon – home to abundant birdlife that can be watched from the privacy of your balcony or veranda and, by venturing onto the lagoon in a hotel canoe. With unusually generous proportions and 6 different floor layouts, all suites and bedrooms have been designed with sensitive flair. All harmonise well with the breathtaking natural environment and contribute significantly to the uniqueness of the hotel.

Contrary to the ‘boutique’ hotel norm Buckingham Place is by no means elitist or ‘taking itself too seriously’. Instead, a mood of light heartedness and caring prevails, a mood likely to illicit that feeling of knowing you’ve arrived – at a genuinely friendly and homely place that when the time comes, you’ll be very sad to leave!

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