Birds Watching

Sri Lanka Is a small island located in Indian Ocean with a very rich diversity of eco systems. This is a remarkable country for bird watching. Especially around the bird sanctuaries and wetland reserves in the south east of the island. It has more than 435 species of birds. Out of these 235 are resident birds. Most important 33 species that are recognizes as endemic to the country. Bird watching in Sri Lanka will entice many bird enthusiasts. With over 56 species of birds endogenous to Sri Lanka, found on the rivers, hill country, rainforest and by the coast, it is a twitches’ paradise.

There are many birds sanctuaries across the little island 270 km by 140 km in size. Kumana is situated in east Coast, Bundala, Kalamatiya are is in the southern coast. Sinharaja Rain Forest, Udawatta Kele, Horton Plains, Bellanwila, Muthurajawela, Minneriya, Kitulgala, Minipe, Yala and Udawalawe National Parks are other important Bird watching locations. In additions you can see birds throughout the country in pockets of forests, lakes, lagoons and river side’s during your travel.

The sanctuaries at Kumana 312 km from Colombo, Wirawila 261 km, Bundala 259 km and Kalametiya 224 km are all lagoon locations in Sri Lanka’s extreme south eastern coast. The Giant’s Tank in the north western corner of the island is a huge ancient irrigation reservoir of 3,800 hectares. The coastal sanctuaries are exotically picturesque with combinations of lagoon, swamp, river, jungle, lake and plain. Large flocks can be found here of both resident and migrant aquatic birds. The highland sanctuaries at Udawattakele 118 km. from Colombo and the Peak Wilderness 141 km. are quieter but equally picturesque with wooded hills and secluded streams and have the added bonus of rare flora such as our unique Wesak Orchid as well as numerous species of rare butterflies. The Udawatta Kele Sanctuary is in the suburbs of Kandy, our picturesque and fascinating hill capital.

Some of Endemic birds in Sri Lanka you can watch,


Sri Lanka spurfowl

Sri Lanka junglefowl

Sri Lanka wood-pigeon

Sri Lanka hanging parrot

Sri Lanka emerald-collared parakeet

Sri Lanka red-faced malkoha

Sri Lanka Serendib scops-owl

Sri Lanka chestnut-backed owlet

Sri Lanka grey hornbill

Sri Lanka yellow-fronted barbet

Sri Lanka magpie

Sri Lanka yellow-eared bulbul

Sri Lanka bush-warbler

Sri Lanka brown-capped babbler

Sri Lanka scimitar-babbler

Sri Lanka orange-billed babbler

Sri Lanka ashy-headed laughingthrush

Sri Lanka white-eye

Sri Lanka myna

Sri Lanka white-faced starling

Sri Lanka whistling-thrush

Sri Lanka spot-winged thrush

Sri Lanka scaly thrush

Sri Lanka dull-blue flycatcher

Sri Lanka white-throated flowerpecker

Pompadour green pigeon

Crimson-fronted barbet

Greater flameback

Common woodshrike

Greater racket-tailed drongo

Red-rumped swallow

Black-crested bulbul

cropped 30 cropped 31 cropped 29 Sri Lanka Blue Magpie