Strathodon Bunglaw

Planted in 1913, Strathdon Estate first belonged to the Scottish Ceylon Tea Company Ltd. One of the earliest plantations in the hill country, its success continues to this day with colourfully garbed tea pluckers dotting the lush green slopes just as they did a century ago. Famed for their distinctive qualities and unique taste, the estate produces some of the world’s finest teas today.  The tea grown and processed at our Kenilworth Estate and factory is globally renowned as one of the best. Built in the early 1900’s in the style of that era, the Strathdon bungalow was home to ‘planters’ who presided over the Estate. Its colonial ambience is preserved today in the elegant decor; the simple luxury and the warmth of service that makes the Mandira Strathdon Bungalow so unique.

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